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  CABR JFJX - type V1.1 escalator cascade clearance tester is a set of clearance and stroke with high precision laser displacement sensor measurement device, the combination of multi-channel synchronous data acquisition and processing technology and data communication technology, real-time acquisition escalator cascade clearance changes quickly, and real-time uploaded to the computer, using a special software according to cascade clearance change curve and measurement data.

  I. Main functions

  1. Test the left and right clearance of the steps, and draw the clearance curve.

  2. The sum of the steps of the stepped clearance and the interstitial change curve.

  3. Step speed detection.

  4. Braking distance measurement.

  II. Main technical features

  1. One-click operation, the measurement process is completed automatically.

  2. High precision laser displacement sensor, high precision and accurate measurement.

  3. Independent collection of trips, gap value - position curve is intuitive and efficient.

  4. Self-provided power, wireless communication, working time to solve the dragline disturbance.

  5. Automatic identification of the over-limit area of the cascade curve.

  6. The gap value and curve are displayed in real time.

  7. Digital measurement of braking distance.

  III. Main technical parameters

  1. Equipment size:

  With the moving end: long * wide * height 520mm*360mm* 210mm;

  Fixed end: long * width * height 450mm*350mm* 170mm;

  2. Power supply: DC19V;

  3. Application environment: indoor;

  4. The environment temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, 80% or less condensation;

  5. Test accuracy: 0.1mm;

  6. Measurement range of single side clearance of stairs: 15mm;

  7. Scope of application: escalator and automatic walkway;

  8. Pole width: 600-1000mm;

  9. The Angle: 0 ° (12 °, 30 °, 35 °.

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