Two-one speed limiter test stand

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  CABR- jdxs-v2.2 type speed limiter test bed is designed according to GB/7588-2003 standard design, measuring speed and measuring force in one integrated detection equipment. The device is based on PC control technology and adopts variable frequency drive, which can automatically detect movement speed and static force value through data acquisition and processing, and has functions such as display and report printing. Applicable to the manufacturing, research and inspection unit of elevator industry.

  I. Main functions

  1. Measuring speed: the speed of the speed limiter, the speed of the automatic output speed limiter and the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed limit.

  2. Measuring force: through the measuring device, the output speed limiter can provide the static pull of the pull safety pliers and show the force value curve.

  II. Main technical features

  1. The speed and force of measurement can detect the speed of the electric and mechanical movement of the speed limiter, and also the static lifting test of the speed limiter can be completed.

  2. Can measure ordinary speed limiters, two-way speed limiters, double switch speed limiters, and no engine room speed limiters.

  3. The speed measuring device can not only adjust the diameter of different speed limiters, but also adjust the Angle of the speed wheel to avoid the switch position.

  4. Adopt the variable frequency drive, automatically generate the speed drive curve according to the rated speed and relevant standards, and run smoothly and reliably.

  5. By using the computer and the main control board communication mode, real-time record speed - time, the test force - the curve of time, not only simple and convenient operation, and high work efficiency, can every 15 ~ 30 seconds to a speed measurement.

  6. High precision encoder and high precision force sensor are used to collect data and measure accurate accuracy.

  7. The detection report can be automatically generated and saved, and can be searched and printed.

  III. Main technical parameters

  1. Equipment size: long * wide * height 820mm*580mm* 750mm.

  2. Power supply: voltage AC220V/ 50Hz, power: 3kW.

  3. Application environment: indoor.

  4. The environment temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, 80% or less condensation.

  Measured sample 5. The biggest overall dimensions: length * width * height 600 ㎜ * 300 ㎜ * 800 ㎜.

  6. Measuring speed range of the speed limiter: 0.25-10.00m/s (error: plus or minus 1%).

  7. Range of measuring force: 0-5000n (error: plus or minus 1%).

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