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  The CABR-JDXS-v4.0 speed limit speed speed limiter test bed is a high degree of automation, which is mainly applicable to the equipment tested by the high-speed speed limiter. The equipment based on PC control technology, adopts panasonic servo drive, through the data acquisition, data processing, automatic detection speed, and display and printing, etc, applicable to the elevator industry manufacturing, research and test detection unit to use.

  I. Main functions

  The speed of the speed of the speed limiter, the speed of the automatic output speed limiter and the speed of the mechanical movement, the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed of the speed

  II. Main technical features

  1. Adopt the panasonic servo drive, automatically control the test process according to the rated speed and relevant standards, and run smoothly and reliably.

  2. It is equipped with automatic lifting and casting mechanism, and automatically ADAPTS to different height speed limiters. It is convenient and efficient to operate.

  3. Using computer and master control board communication mode, real-time display speed - time curve, simple and intuitive operation.

  4. The test data can be stored (power cuts can also save the completed data), and can print test results.

  5. It has a pure aluminum profile safety fence, and the test process is completely protected and monitored.

  III. Main technical parameters

  1. Console size: long * wide * height 1000mm x 1050mm x 1460mm;

  2. Size of construction station: long * wide * height 1100mm * 650mm * 250mm;

  3. Enclosure size: long * wide * height 1700mm x 1550mm x 2050mm;

  4. Power requirements: AC220V/50Hz power: 2kW;

  5. Application environment: indoor;

  6. The environment temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, ≦ 80% condensation;

  7. Adaptive speed limit range: 180-600m/min(3-10m/s);

  8. Determination of accuracy: determination of the value of 1%;

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