Integrated performance testing platform for elevator door locks

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  CABR JDMS - V3.1 layer type elevator door locks comprehensive performance test rig is a layer for the elevator door lock test platform, can according to the national standard GB7588-2003 "elevator manufacturing and installation safety standards" requirements of the appendix F1 test as follows:

  1. Durability test of elevator door lock and electric contact;

  2. Test of the breaking capacity of electric contact;

  3. Static force test;

  4. Dynamic impact test;

  5. Resistance test of the contact resistance of the door lock.

  I. Main functions

  1. The door lock durability test: through the motor drive crank rocker mechanism, the motor rotation movement is converted to the reciprocating straight movement of the lock hook, and the durability test of the door lock is realized.

  2. Testing of contact resistance: it can be used to measure the resistance value of the door lock and automatically generate the resistance curve.

  II. Main technical features

  1. It can be used to test the durability of both locks and improve test efficiency.

  2. Measuring the resistance value of the door lock through the four-terminal method can ensure the accuracy of the measured value.

  3. The test circuit cabinet adopts stable voltage power supply to ensure the safety of test process and stability of test circuit and improve the accuracy of test circuit.

  4. During the endurance test, the opening and closing of the door is consistent with the actual use process, and the whole process of the door lock opening and door level moving in two directions is completed.

  5. The pure aluminum profile safety fence is clean and beautiful, and the test process is safe and reliable.

  6. The software and control interface is simple and easy to operate, and can automatically record the number of actions and response times of the door lock.

  III. Main technical parameters

  1. Main control cabinet (including mechanical platform) size (length x width x height) : 1910mm x 750mm x 1310mm.

  2. Test circuit cabinet dimensions (length x width x height) : 600mm x 600mm x 1300mm.

  3. Power supply: voltage AC220V/ 50Hz, power 2kW;

  4. Application environment: indoor;

  5. The environment temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, ≦ 80% RH condensation;

  6. Test frequency of life test: 1-60 times/min.

  7. Test voltage/test current: DC 150V/2.0 A.

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