The impact and strength test device of the door and the wall

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  The cabr-jdcj-v2.0 layer gate and the wall impact and strength test device are designed according to the requirements of gb7588-2003 standard and the requirement of 1. The test equipment for the integration of impact test and static strength test. The equipment is applicable to the manufacturing, research and inspection unit of elevator industry.

  I. Main functions

  1. Impact test: test its impact resistance by striking the weakest point of the elevator layer door or the wall of the car by swinging the hammer.

  2. Strength test: apply force to the vertical force of the elevator layer door or the wall of the car by means of the force, and test its mechanical strength.

  II. Main technical features

  1. Variety of test subjects, including elevator layer doors, doors, doors, etc.

  2. The samples are widely used, including steel plates and toughened glass.

  3. The main body of the test frame adopts industrial aluminum profile, which is neat and beautiful.

  4. Three-dimensional space can be electrically regulated to facilitate rapid and accurate positioning of impact points.

  5. Use the closed loop control device to automatically reach the test force value.

  6. Electromagnetic decoupling device is adopted without manual decoupling, effectively preventing other forces from interfering with the pendulum.

  7. With multiple safety protection measures, it can realize the safety of power failure and self-locking and ensure the safety of equipment and personnel.

  III. Main technical parameters

  1. Equipment size:

  Control cabinet: long * wide * high 700mm*700mm* 1230mm.

  Test frame: long * wide * height 2990mm*2500mm* 3400mm.

  2. Power supply: voltage AC220V/ 50Hz, power: 1.5kw.

  3. Application environment: indoor.

  4. The environment temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, humidity 40-90% RH.

  5. Maximum height of test sample: 2.7 m.

  6. Maximum width of test sample: 2.5 m.

  7. Clearance adjustment stroke: 0-150mm.

  8. Lifting stroke: 1000mm.

  9. Horizontal stroke: 800mm.

  10. Force range: 0-1500n.

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