Elevator towing machine test stand

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  The CABR- jdyy-v1.0 elevator towing machine test bed is a special test equipment designed and manufactured for the safety and performance test of elevator traction engine and upper brake. The equipment is applicable to the manufacturing, research and inspection unit of elevator industry.

  I. Main functions

  This test bed is used for testing:

  L insulation resistance (cold, thermal state).

  L industrial frequency withstand voltage (stator winding and brake).

  L stator resistance (cold, hot dc resistance).

  L brake resistance.

  L brake minimum suction voltage and maximum release voltage.

  L brake response time, braking torque.

  L brake static moment.

  L brake action test.

  L motor temperature rise, brake temperature rise, starting number.

  Load test and efficiency.

  L briefly overtorque test.

  L brake noise.

  The speed of no-load vibration and no-load noise of the tractor.

  The car unexpectedly moved, speeding upward.

  II. Main technical features

  1. Adopt advanced digital frequency conversion technology, computer control measurement technology and automatic energy feedback technology to design and manufacture.

  2. It has advanced technology, reliable operation, strong function, high precision, good repeatability, energy saving and high cost performance.

  3. Adopt high speed high precision mining card to collect data and draw curves.

  4. High speed high-precision output card, high speed precision output simulation and digital quantity signal.

  5. Fast response time, data collection, calculation and control of output cycle beats 5ms meets the requirements of standard 10ms.

  III. Main technical parameters

  1. Equipment size:

  Operation console: long * wide * height 3000mm x 1100mm x 1400mm.

  Distribution cabinet: long * wide * height 4800mm x 800mm x 2260mm.

  Test platform 1: long * wide * height 5000mm * 1800mm * 250mm.

  Test platform 2: long * wide * high 4000mm x 1500mm * 250mm.

  Life test station: long * wide * height 800mm x 600mm * 2260mm.

  Voltage regulator: Φ diameter of 1350 mm.

  2. Power supply: voltage AC380V/50Hz (three-phase five-wire), power: 100kW.

  3. Application environment: indoor.

  4. The environment temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, 80% or less condensation.

  5. Test tracer parameters:

  Type of l tractor: permanent magnet synchronous tractor or three-phase asynchronous traction machine driven by inverter

  L center height: 650mm

  Rated voltage: 110-450v

  Rated power: 3-60kw

  Rated speed: below 300rpm

  Rated torque: 100-2000nm

  6. Limitations of the test brake:

  Rated voltage: AC400V below or below DC400V; All brake voltages on the same station are the same

  Rated current: single brake current is less than 4A, and all brake current is less than 10A

  L brake number: less than or equal to 5

  L brake controller: if the suction voltage is different from the maintenance voltage, the actuator is required to bring the actuator to the actuator

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