Brake life test bed

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1.Thebrakelifetesttablecanbeupto3doublearmsand6simultaneoustest;  2.Theratedvoltageofthebrakecanbemediated.ThevoltagerangeofadjustmentisDC48V-DC220V.AC48V-AC220V;  3.Theratedcurrentofthebrakeislesstha
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  1. The brake life test table can be up to 3 double arms and 6 simultaneous test;

  2. The rated voltage of the brake can be mediated. The voltage range of adjustment is DC48V - DC220V. AC48V - AC220V;

  3. The rated current of the brake is less than 20A (6, no less than 3A);

  4. The test table can be recorded

  Number of runs: the number of opening times of the lock and the single record of three tow tractors;

  Number of failures: the number of times that the opening time of the lock opening is exceeded, and the six holding locks are recorded separately;

  Open time: open the opening time of the lock, and record the six locks separately.

  Asynchronous time: the time difference between the two holding locks of the same tractor is opened, and the three tractors are recorded separately.

  5. The test bed can be set

  Data removal: the number of operation times of the tractor and the number of failures are cleared, and three tow tractors are removed separately.

  Fault alarm: the number of alarm times for holding the lock and the setting of the six locks separately;

  Check out time: the time of the opening time of the lock opening is determined, and the time of timeout is considered to be a fault, and the time of the six inspection time is set separately.

  Test number: whether the tractor is involved in the test, and three towing machines are set separately;

  Switch detection: whether the lock switch is tested, no fault detection is detected, and 6 lock switches are set separately.

  The opening time of the gate: the time of the opening of the lock gate and the time of the closing time of the lock switch are set separately;

  6. The test bed can adapt to the open contact and closed contact of the lock.

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