Speed limiter dynamic tension test device

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  The dynamic tension test device of the cabr-jdxd-v3.0 speed limiter is a test equipment for testing the dynamic lifting tension of the speed limiter. The device based on PC control technology, adopts frequency converter drive, automatic data collection and analysis of dynamic tension value speed limiter, generation time, speed, time - power curve, and fitting time - displacement curve. The device is applicable to the manufacturing, research and inspection unit of elevator industry.

  I. Main functions

  The dynamic tension value of the speed limiter is measured in real time, and the dynamic tension value curve is automatically generated to analyze the force value data.

  II. Main technical features

  1. The speed limiter is installed on the platform for electric lifting, so as to install and maintain the speed limiter at the bottom of the device.

  2. The test process automatically gathers the wire rope speed and tension force independently, and automatically generates the time - velocity, time - displacement and time - force curve.

  3. It can guarantee the stability of the installation platform of the speed limiter during the fall test by holding the guide rail with the mechanical device.

  4. Use high precision force sensor to collect data and measure stability and accuracy.

  III. Main technical parameters

  1. Tower part dimensions: long * wide * height 2000mm*3600mm*10800m;

  2. Main control cabinet dimensions: long * wide * height 700mm*700mm*1230mm;

  3. Secondary control cabinet dimensions: long * wide * high 500mm*400mm*200mm;

  4. Power supply: AC380V/50Hz (three-phase five-wire);

  5. Application environment: inside the control cabinet, the tower can be placed outside (for example, the height of the tower can meet the height of the tower and the tower can be placed indoors);

  6. The environment temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, ≦ 80% condensation;

  7. The rated speed range of the measuring speed limiter is 0.25 ~ 7m/s;

  8. Capacity of measurement: 0 ~ 5000N (error: + 1 %).

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