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  The cabr-jfgl-v1.0 escalator roller test bed was designed according to the gb16899-2011 standard requirements, simulating the actual operating conditions of the roller, and testing the service life of the roller. The equipment is applicable to the manufacturing, research and inspection unit of elevator industry.

  I. Main functions

  Simulated wheel or door hanging wheel under the condition of the pressure, long running at a certain speed, software to record the same test the rated speed, load, pressure, test running time, and time - force curve, so as to test wheel or door the service life of wheels.

  II. Main technical features

  1.8 tables are operated independently.

  2. The force value displacement compensation and force value threshold (%) range can be set independently for each position.

  3. Check the real-time power - time curve.

  4. Record the beginning and end time of each stage individually and test time.

  5. Real-time feedback rotation speed, loading force and compensation displacement.

  III. Main technical parameters

  1. Equipment size:

  Mechanical stage: long * wide * height 2000mm * 2000mm x 1500mm.

  Control cabinet: long * wide * height 1200mm*700mm* 1200mm.

  2. Power supply: voltage AC380V/50Hz (three-phase five-wire), power: 3kW.

  3. Application environment: indoor.

  4. The environment temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃, 80% or less condensation.

  5. Roller installation station: 8.

  6. Driving wheel: Ф 900 mm in diameter (115 mm thick), including two convex groove track layer (circular orbit 10 mm thick, square rail 8 mm thick), a flat track layer (60 mm thick).

  7. Press the stepping motor torque: 2Nm by 8.

  8. Measurable steps: roller diameter Φ 60 mm - 120 mm Φ.

  9. Measurable door hang outside diameter: Φ 40 mm - 100 mm Φ.

  10. Load range: 0-4000n, error plus or minus 1%.

  11. Test line speed: 0.4-2.5 m/s.

  IV. Main composition

  1. Mechanical system mainly includes the following parts:

  Roller mounting bracket: used for mounting rollers or door hangers.

  Pressure loading device: pressure applied to the roller and the door wheel.

  Rotation drive mechanism: used to drive wheel and door wheel rotation.

  Protective device: used to prevent spatter of roller or door hanging wheel.

  Test wheel rotation judgment device: used to determine whether the roller or door wheel is in a rotating state.

  2. Electrical system mainly includes the following parts:

  Detection software: to provide man-machine interface, transfer operator instructions to control system, and analyze and process data collected by control system.

  Control system: to control the rotating drive mechanism and pressure loading device to transfer the collected data to the computer.

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