Elevator three-dimensional virtual simulation teaching system

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  Elevator 3 d virtual simulation teaching system, highlight the teaching course of quantitative organization, with a large number of rich teaching resources and targeted simulation operation, using computer technology, Internet technology, streaming media technology and virtual reality technology to create the elevator installation situation, undertake to the student working principle of the elevator, simulation of interactive installation auxiliary teaching, the teaching result is controllable, measurable, save the traditional teaching mode of teaching materials and expensive cost of equipment investment and the training time, broaden the channels of learning, provides the simulation environment in field and practice opportunities.

  I. system functions:

  1. Teaching resource management:

  The teaching resource module consists of user management, class and student management, resource category definition, resource bank management, my teaching plan, practical training task release, student end, etc. The functions are as follows:

  (1) the management system of 3 d animation teaching of the curriculum resources and practice resources, also can be customized by teachers and upload other need to share resources, such as: teaching PPT, video, pictures, documents, data, etc.;

  (2) teachers can use the system to bring in or other Shared teaching resources, customize teaching cases with their own characteristics, and conduct classroom teaching;

  (3) the teacher may, according to the progress of the teaching, release the actual training or learning tasks selectively, for the students to practice in class or in class;

  (4) after students log in, they can receive the tasks assigned by teachers and study online.

  2. Teaching courses:

  The teaching courses built into the system are as follows:

  I. elevator structure and principles

  II. Elevator simulation installation

  III. Escalator

  IV. Elevator maintenance

  II. Technical indicators of system and 3D teaching resources:

  1. Adopt the CAD modeling tools such as Solidworks, as the prototype of the mainstream elevator trapezoidal drawing in the market, and show the full 3d engineering model of parts, components, standard parts and installation tools.

  2. Adopt Rhino and other transformation engines to seamlessly convert 3d CAD models; Using Maya and image processing software photoshop, getting Ray renderer, fusion and other tools, complete UV textures of the split, and relationship between the mechanical binding and setting adjustment, special effects, animation curve of production process.

  3. Current professional game engine: Unity3d; In the model, texturing, animation, special effects, such as after completion of material preparation, spare parts, tools, etc to do a program loaded, realize human-machine interaction, let the operator can in all the real 3 d simulation environment, simulation and practice operation.

  4. The system adopts B/S architecture, full Java development and Mysql.

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